Trey Songz Blasts R Kelly Again In Vibe

Trey Songz Blasts R Kelly Again In Vibe

     Although he denied having beef with R Kelly, in the upcoming Vibe magazine (which he covers) he says that R Kelly is jacking the style of singer/songwriter Aaron Hall. "People say, 'Well, I hear a lot of R. Kelly in your music.' So what?" Songz told the magazine. "R. Kelly took Aaron Hall's whole style. Two albums straight. … You can say what you want about me."

     In other news, Trey Songz is part of Jay-Z's "Mobb Squad" with Young Jeezy (Jeezy now). "It's definitely all in the talks," he said. "It's the Mob Squad. Me, Jay, Jeezy, we plan on working together while we on this tour, because the energy we have together when we get around each other is amazing. And like I said, all aspects like that on a record is amazing. Maybe while we out on the road we get it done."

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