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Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy Says Rick Ross Needs Ass Whoppin

Posted By on May 6, 2009

    Trick Daddy used to back up Rick Ross, "I was a big Ross fan," Trick said recently. [listen here] "If you check all my
interviews, the Web, radio, I never dissed him … I supported him," but that has all changed.  Trick says he was taken back by Ross' comments about him on "Valley of Death" [listen here] (a track on Ross' new album) plus Rick Ross said he didn't trust Trick's word during his BET special recently. Trick says Ross even warned him on the phone he would be taking shots at him,
"I said, 'What? Taking shots? While you're taking shots, what the f— you think I'm gonna do?' " [listen here]

    "I got new rules. I'm going back to the old ass-whoopin' days," Trick Daddy said Wednesday (May 6). "I'm gonna start beating my kid's ass." [listen here] And of course by "kid," Trick means Rick Ross. "I'd like to apologize for my kid's misbehaving in class. … I let Ross start eating table food too fast," Trick joked. "When you don't raise your kids, they will throw their hands up at you." [listen here]

Trick Daddy Says Rick Ross Is A Kid Who Needs An Ass Whoppin