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Trick Daddy Wants Trina Back

Posted By on October 22, 2009

    Trick Daddy is openly stating that he wants to get back together with his female rapper Trina for some collaborations, explaining their impact as a duo. Trick also revealed how he has been trying to plan ways to get them on tracks together. "I need you to call Trina and you need to talk to her," he said in an interview. "I personally think that Trina is a better Trina with Trick. Those sexy-jazzy chicks, they need that thug, they need that thug n*gga for guidance and protection. That's what Trina and Trick bring you. They bring you the real Bonnie and Clyde with no strings attached and nothing sugar coated." [Trick Daddy Wants To Do Collabs With Trina – Watch Here]

     Trick continues about his want to work with Trina. "For me, I would love to work with Trina. I was actually talking to brother the other day about even just doing some songs, giving it to her and say okay this is what we're gonna do, you just do your part. I admit that I'm a prejudice person, I love kids, I hate beggars, I can't stand backstabbers, and I despise a snitch. That makes me prejudice if you think about it in a sense, another thing I'm prejudice about is my city. I'm gonna rep my city to the fullest! Trina is a part of that and under no circumstances would I ever want to see that do bad, or fail, under no pretense have I ever thought like that. I've never been considered as a chief, but I think I could hold down the tribe and until then I'll be a hell of a good Indian. So I've never been trying to take over Miami." [Trick Daddy Talks About Wanting To Get Back With Trina – Watch Here]

Trick Daddy – Wants To Reunite With Trina