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Trick Trick Speaks On Yung Berg Beat Down

Posted By on August 26, 2008

    Yesterday stories broke about Yung Berg taking a beating and getting his Transformer chain taken prior to a show in Detroit. At first rumors circulated that the club's co-owner and Detroit rapper, Trick Trick had a lot to do with the incident, but now Trick Trick is clearing the air. “First of all I ain’t no jack n***a . I don’t need to jack nann [any] n***a to get what I gotta get,” Trick told AllHipHop, continuing “Karma’s a motherf**ker so I’m not taking no n***a’s s**t. I earn mine. I don’t need that piece of s**t ass aluminum foil chain the b**ch had on no way.”

    Trick Trick was referring to rumors that Yung Berg was jumped and robbed because his past comments about Detroit rappers. Trick says “My lil n***as got him. The label called and told me he wasn’t coming, so I wasn’t expecting him. So there was no need for me to tell the lil homies that ‘aye, the n***a’s straight,’ because he wasn’t coming,” Trick reasoned. “I saved that n***a’s life. He would probably be dead right now or in a coma if I hadn’t ran over there and pushed the lil homies back so they could quit stomping this n***a.”