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Eminem & Dr. Dre Help Trick Trick Become The Villain

Posted By on September 12, 2008

    Trick Trick isn't taking any chances with his 2nd album, recruiting the top players in music for the new album titled The Villain. Trick's new album will feature guest spots from fellow Detroit artists Eminem, Proof (D12), Royce Da 5'9 and Kid Rock plus west coast legend Ice Cube. Dr. Dre, Eminem and Trick Trick himself will handle the production duties for the album.

    “I wanted to make music that I feel good about, to bring some real music back to the game.  Each track is designed for its texture of song, texture of writing.  I wanted to do what I felt good about, not chase after the times,” Trick Trick says, continuing  “Music is eternal so I might have a song that is rotten as f***, and there's a point to it.  I'm making a statement.  If you don't respect me, this is what I'm forced to do to you.”

    The first single from The Villain is "Let It Fly" [listen here]. The new track featuring Ice Cube and Lil Jon will have a video debut in the coming weeks. The Villain hits stores on October 28th.