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Trick Trick Talks Yung Berg, Pushes Album Back & Does New Movie With Ice Cube

Posted By on September 22, 2008

    In the last few weeks Trick Trick has made headlines, just for the wrong reasons. Trick was accused of planning the attack on Yung Berg that ended with his Transformer Chain being stolen. "People want to make it sound like I set him up. I even pushed my album back so that shit won’t run together. I’m not trying to blow up off of this little nigga getting rushed. I don’t personally like that ignorant ass shit."

    Trick Trick has pushed his album back to October 28th. "The Villain" not only is produced by Eminem & Dr Dre, but features Em, Ice Cube and the late D12 member, Proof. Trick says of his guests "I’ve always been a fan of all their work," finishing up, "It’s not just a producer-artist or an artist-artist relationship. We’re like family now."

    The "family" is also going into the movie business. Trick and Ice Cube are currently in development for a new film called "Gang Squad." Trick explains the title saying "We have a task unit here in Detroit called Gang Squad," continuing, "They only deal with gangs, drugs and guns…" Trick says "The movie is about these four dirty motherfuckers who are mixed up in the street also. It's a touchy subject and when the movie comes out, we might have a problem shooting it. They're going to realize that these characters come from the actual Detroit Gang Squad."