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Trina Talks Leaked Naked Pictures

Posted By on May 4, 2010

     Trina recently talked about how and why the nude photographs of her leaked, saying someone was trying to extort her. "After months and months had passed, I felt relieved like, 'Thank goodness that nobody had found it.' Then here we go, five months later and look what happened," she said in an interview. "I was just devastated to see how it went down. All I could think was how cruel of a person that it had to be to do something like that. How awful and horrible of a person you must be for that… I let the situation be turned over to the investigator because it was a criminal issue. You stole my phone, leaked pictures of me and then tried to extort money from me, and that was just taking it too far. I turned it over to the authorities and let them deal with it. I didn't even want to be apart of it until you tell me that you have a suspect and were ready to prosecute. Actually, it was my lawyer that handled things. He went to all of the websites and sent out cease-and-desist letters. So I let the attorneys and authorities take care of everything and I just stayed out of it."

Trina – Talks About Leaked Nude Pictures


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