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Trina denies dating NFL player Dez Bryant

Posted By on July 30, 2010

     Female rapper Trina is shutting the gossip mills down on allegations that she is dating rookie NFL player Dez Bryant.

     The rumors, which began after a picture of the two surfaced at a club, come on the tail of her breakup with NBA player Kenyon Martin.

     In a statement released today, the miami rapper puts the picture, and her alleged relationship into perspective:

“The allegations of such relationship with NFL play, Dez Bryant, holds no truth in any way. I met Mr. Bryant at Club Flow after performing for my fans and supporters. As a form of admiration and respect, I agreed to take a picture with him. Although, he seems like a wonderful individual upon our first introduction of one another this night, I just want to confirm that ‘Trina and Dez Bryant’ are not dating in any way.”

     “At this time, I ask that you respect my personal life to remain private, and concentrate on the music that I continue to create for my fans.”

     “Thank you again for your understanding and support.”

     Dez Bryant’s PR also released a statement denying any relationship with Trina:

     “There is no truth to the rumors that Dez Bryant is dating rapper Trina, Dez is very much in love with long-time partner, Ilyne Nash, with whom he is looking forward to building a home.”

     Bryant and his partner recently celebrated the addition of a son named Dez Bryant Jr. on June 25th.


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