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Trina Cant Catch A Break

Posted By on January 20, 2005

While in Atlanta for Martin Luther King’s Weekend Trina, who was scheduled with Ludacris for an appearance at Club 112, had to deal with trifling promoter drama. The situation started off with Frank Taylor of NBC Entertainment honoring Trina’s appearance contract and sent her two bottles of Perrier Jouet Rose to her hotel for her and her guests to enjoy. But the drama started when Trina hit Club 112. Under the appearance contract NBC Entertainment was suppose to be taking care of her for the night, Trina was asked by the club waitress what she would like, so she ordered two bottles of Perrier Jouet Rose and some other drinks. Trina even offered to pay for the bottles and drinks but the waitress informed Trina that it was already taken care of by NBC Entertainment. When it came time to leave the club, Trina and her guests were pursued by the club owner telling her that she needed to pay her bill.

Much to Trina’s surprise the NBC Entertainment didn’t pay for her bottles or drinks at all and now she had the owner chasing her outside of the club demanding payment. The Lady that the Diamond Princess’ always is, she pay her own tab and left with her group. Frank Taylor of NBC Entertainment just played himself, don’t expect Trina to ever take your calls again and as far as Club 112, Trina will not be visiting any time soon!

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