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Trinidad James Responds To J. Cole’s “Born Sinner” Jab

Posted By on June 25, 2013

On J.Cole’s opening track to “Born Sinner “, the rapper takes a slight jab at Mr. “All Gold Everything”, Trinidad James.

In the song Cole says:

“My pops was club hopping back when Rick James was out/And all I get is Trinidad James/Wait a minute that’s strange/Sip a bit of champagne, say f*ck/If the hoes like it/I love it n*gga n*gga n*gga/Used to watch Rap City Big Tigga Tigga/Rap nerd even copped Rah Digga Digga” (“Villuminati”)


When asked about the line, Trinidad James told MTV:

“He was just expressing himself,” he told MTV News on Saturday backstage at Power 106’s Powerhouse concert in Los Angeles. “Just in general if you really step back and listen to the song, he was just spittin’ how he felt and I can’t never be mad at somebody spittin’ how they feel.” (MTV)


Check out the song “Villuminati” with the Trinidad James reference below: