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Troy Ave Speaks On Why He Had The Best Rap Album Of 2013

Posted By on March 17, 2014

Troy Ave Speaks On Why He Had The Best Rap Album Of 2013

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave recently spoke with Complex and expressed how he felt about his album, New York City : the Album. When asked, Troy said he feels like he had the best album of 2013.

“The best rap album?” Ave said in response to the question. “Troy Ave, that’s a fact. Everybody knows that. The fucking critics whatever, the real people who actually listened to that shit knows that. That’s not even a question. I had the absolute best Rap album of the year, I don’t care who you—and I made that shit on my budget out my pocket, this is street money. This is out the pocket I made this, it wasn’t no big multimillion dollar budget or however much these niggas get. No, this shit straight up, real music don’t take that much money to make. That’s a fact, the truth don’t cost you nothing if you telling it, it’s the truth. So I definitely had the best Rap album, I don’t know who would disagree but if anybody even disagree, the fact that me, Troy Ave, totally independent artist from BSB Records could even be mentioned in the same realm as Drake, Pusha T, Jay Z, that mean I already won. I’m not supposed to even be getting mentioned in that for album of the year.”