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Tyga Reportedly Owes Government Mega Bucks?

Posted By on March 15, 2014

Rapper Tyga has been known to flaunt his money by buying lavish things and throwing references all throughout his music, but reports claim the Young Money member is in debt with the government.

According to reports, th ewes coast rapper has debt that dates back to 2009 and owes almost $100,000 to the government.

Tyga might want to consider selling off his Egyptian sand collection — TMZ has learned, he allegedly owes Uncle Sam nearly $100,000. According to a federal tax lien — the rapper owes $11,201 for 2009, $4,437 for 2010, and $76,008 for 2011. The total comes to $91,648 — almost the exact amount he spent decorating his brand new L.A. clothing store, Last Kings. (TMZ)

We recently reported about Tyga joining a select few which includes names such as,  Cash Money head Birdman and Jay Z to own a 2014 convertible Maybach 62 S Landaulet read more here

 Tyga just bought a sweet ride as a birthday present to himself … it’s got four doors and four wheels — hey, just like a Toyota Camry — but Tyga’s whip cost around $2.2 million. Sources close to Tyga tell us he dropped 2 large bills plus on a 2014 convertible Maybach 62 S Landaulet — the car itself cost $1.3 mil. Now get this … he spent nearly a mil tricking it out. West Coast Customs hooked it up with all kinds of extras, including a 40 inch TV. Here’s the thing … for $2.2 mil where the hell are the cup holders? Ty joins an elite group of 62 S owners — including Jay Z and Bird Man. We’re told he plans to showcase the car in a new video he’s shooting with Mally Mall, “Wake Up In It.” (TMZ)