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Tyga’s Lamborghini Impounded by LAPD

Posted By on March 19, 2013

Young Money Rapper, Tyga, found himself in a bit of a pinch with the Los Angeles Police Department recently. It seems that Tyga was pulled over for an unspecified traffic violation by the LAPD. After being pulled over and asked to provide license and registration, the rapper was unable to do either. Not having a valid driver’s license or valid form of I.D. is an offense that carries the possibility of arrest. Fortunately for the young rapper, the officers on the scene decided not to arrest him, but they did issue a citation for the failure to provide the proper documentation as well as impound the rappers vehicle, a Lamborghini.

Tyga was also given a field sobriety test by the officers, which apparently he passed because he was not arrested or charged with DUI.

The obvious displeasure of the rapper was later displayed as he took to Twitter and in a very succinct fashion to speak his mind.


T-Raww  @Tyga 6:43 AM – 16 Mar 13