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Odd Future Ends Beef With Chris Brown

Posted By on June 27, 2011

     Tyler, The Creator (and his group Odd Future) have ended their beef with R&B singer Chris Brown after he reached out to them and Frank Ocean to try and end any problems. Check out the posts on twitter and what Tyler, The Creator later said about it all.

the shit with the dudes chasing frankie, made some people on our side react and “up” that. it stopped before the other side could react and it ends with one of my friends dead. the streets of Los Angeles gets crazy, and i seriously dont wanna get a call one day from someone say one of my friends got murdered over some stupid shit from twitter. the beef shit is stupid. and no, im not copping a plea, im saving shit from happening. i know people whos been in beef all their life and they tel me its not worth it, you lose money and family. im not a bitch, ill fight a nigga one on one, im loyal as fuck and stand for my niggas, but, you gotta look at the bigger picture. i have goons, he had goons, shit would have been bad. i just kept thinking of getting a call in europe saying that one of the little homies got shot skating down the street. its over with. niggas’ll say ” but you started this”, nah, see, in my head i jsut make jokes, i never said no real shit, some people just took it to serious. you know? some might say ‘ all wolg gang some bitches, talk all that tough shit and blah blah”, see, i never said i was a thug as nigga….but besides that, they not in the shoes of niggas making money, paving a career and being ‘famous’ so they have no idea. they read it on twitter, say their opinion then go on with their regular lives….wutever…im good, frankies good. niggas is good. this is still OFWGKTA. i like ponies. (Tyler The Creator)


Chris Brown, Frank Ocean – Beef Heats Up

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    he’s a brony this is pretty cool