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Update: Tyler, The Creator Denies Pharrell Signing

Posted By on August 1, 2011

     After many sources reported that Tyler, The Creator signed with Pharrell Williams 'i am Other' label (including us), the Odd Future leader has come forward to deny the reports.

"Why The F*ck Would I Sign With Someone Else When I Am The F*cking Boss Ceo Whatever Of My Own Sh*t?" (Tyler, The Creator's Twitter)
"Even Tho Pharrell Is The Coolest of All F*cking Time Ever To Me, I Got My Own Sh*t" (Tyler, the Creator's Twitter)

In related news, Odd Future's camp also came forward to deny the reports that Tyler, The Creator was signing with Pharrell Williams.

Heathcliff Berru, the group's publicist told XXLMag.com that while the two are working together on music, Tyler did not ink a deal with his longtime musical influence. In fact, Tyler and company are currently in the process of starting their own label with Sony Red. "Odd Future Records is launching soon," Berru said without revealing any other details. (XXL Mag)


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