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Jonah Hill Talks Tyler, The Creator, T.I.

Posted By on November 11, 2011

     Odd Future frontman Tyler, The Creator recently got a co-sign from actor slash comedian Jonah Hill. The "Superbad" actor recently said before he got into acting, he used to make beats “I was a beatsmith,” he said. Jonah Hill even recently tweeted about collaborating with.

“When are we collaborating on the greatest project ever?” he asked. “Let me direct a video for you and then we’ll make it a full movie!” (Jonah Hill Twitter)

     Jonah Hill went on to talk about Tyler along with mentioning he still has a relationship with T.I. after shooting a movie with Ben Stiller.

“I love Tyler. He’s awesome"
“Stiller and I went to go visit T.I. in his music studio in Atlanta,” Hill said. “We thought it was going to be this big party. It was just a bunch of dudes listening to music.”


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