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Bun B Talks Chris Brown As The Last Dragon

Posted By on March 18, 2010

     Long-Time UGK member Bun B recently said he thinks that Chris Brown would have played a great lead role in the "Last Dragon" movie. According to Bun B, the R&B singer height and athleticism would have allowed him to do well in the martial arts action-comedy.

     "Chris Brown's got the baby face, he's got the build," Bun said in an interview. "You can't use an Omarion cause he's gonna be too short. You gotta have somebody who's physical stature will match up with Samuel L. Jackson. And if none of this would have happened, he still would have been [Rihanna's] boyfriend…Let me tell you, he's not a little dude. Chris is 6'2'. And he's very athletic and once they would have put him through the ringers and taught him some of those moves…and he's quick as sh*t too. I'm saying this because I know the kid. I'm telling you, he would have killed this movie. I was never scared of 'Taimak.' [Laughs] I thought he could do karate but…"

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