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Bun B Wants Wayne To Leave The Past The Past

Posted By on November 5, 2010

     UGK's own Bun B recently shared his reaction to Lil Wayne getting out of Rikers Island yesterday and how he hopes that the Young Money star will finally leave the past behind him. Bun B believes Wayne's star power should not be shadowed by any bad influences.

"I'm just hoping that whatever demons were on him and following him when he went inside, I hope that he left those demons inside that h*ll hole," Bun said in an interview. "Whatever it was he may have felt held him back or anything that may have kept him in situations he didn't need to be in based on the person he is in this world. I hope whatever it is that was holding him back inside of him, leave all that sh*t inside the hole he just crawled out of. He's in the free world now. He is the biggest star on the planet and it's time for him to let himself be received." (VIBE)


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