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David Banner, DJ Paul & Bun B Remember Pimp C

Posted By on December 3, 2008

    The late legendary rapper and UGK member Pimp C, will be remembered on the one year anniversary of his death Thursday. David Banner, DJ Paul and fellow UGK member Bun B all will pay homage to the rapper on the Houston radio station KPFT. Matt Sonzala, the local radio personality, will be running the tribute on his show from 12am-3am CST. "Pimp C was a leader," Sonzala said in a statement. "He was a man respected cuz he built his own lane and stayed in it and dominated it. He and Bun B are the backbone of this southern rap movement."

    Although many artists will take part in the event, not everyone can participate. "This time around though, the studio is closed to anyone not invited,"
he added. "We want to make this serious and can't have just anyone
coming down f*cking with the vibe. This is for Pimp C and this is how
we do it."