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Bun B and Sean Kingston? UGK Member Explains Collab

Posted By on May 20, 2008

    Bun B has done a lot of collabs with many different artists in his career. In 2005 when he was on his "Free Pimp C" campaign, he was actually among hip-hop's most wanted guest MCs working with everyone from Beyonce Knowles to Little Brother. Even though he's known for doing many collabs, doing a single with teen star Sean Kingston for the first single from his II Trill album,  “That’s Gangsta," caught many people by surprize.

    “Well, it’s not like I said, ‘I’ma just do a song with Sean Kingston,’” Bun explained. “When I got the track, he was already on the track. I got the track from J.R. Rotem and he’s J.R.’s artist. I didn’t see the need to put anybody else on that record. I didn’t look at it like it’s a kiddie style. I don’t look at the world like that. I heard [a record] where he was already singing on it. I didn’t see a problem with it.”

    The track did have some problems. The video wasn't made in time for the albums release so Bun B pushed the album release back. “We pushed it back to allow the video some time to play,” Bun said, “By the time the video came out and started running , it was gon be when the album was coming out and we needed at least a two or three weeks burn of the video to get some awareness.”