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Bun B Celebrates Pimp C, Drops New Album

Posted By on February 1, 2008

Bun B is scheduled to do his first performance since the death of his partner, Pimp C. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Bun B. will perform a tribute to Pimp C on February 5th for friends and family members. "There are going to be some moments where we get a little sad," Bun B. said. "We might shed a tear or two. But we'll celebrate as well. We're going to get that energy and keep this trill movement going."  

Don't worry UGK fans, Bun B. revealed that he is working on a new solo album titled II Trill which is expected to address a number of political and social issues.  "It's as easy for me to point the finger at the government as it is for the government to point the finger at me," Bun B. continued. "Everybody has some kind of responsibility. I don't mean as a rapper, I'm talking as a human being. We could all be doing better by the 'hood."