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Bun B Talks About Teaching Lil Wayne To Rap, Replies To 50 Cent Comments About Southern Rappers

Posted By on May 20, 2008

    Bun B is doing a lot of press with his new album, II Trill, hitting stores today. Bun says that his new CD is about continuing the conversation with the streets that his parter Pimp C initiated with thier last album. "It's about keeping a real conversation with the hood,"

    Pimp C, Rick Ross, David Banner, 8Ball & MJG, Lyfe Jennings, Young
, Mya and Chamillionaire, as well as Lil' Wayne all appear on II Trill. Wayne recently told Blender Magazine that it was Bun B who taught him how to rap. "I would never have been bold enough to say it, but I'm not gonna act like it's not partially true," Bun said of Weezy. "The reality of the fact is Baby and I are good friends, he started working with Wayne when he was 13 and the first thing he asked me was, what could we do to make sure this kid turns into a great artist, because he was very good at that age. I gave him a few pieces of advice, I'd give him words of encouragement and some direction content wise." "[Yet] At the end of the day I can't take credit for Lil' Wayne at all, he's definitely a self made man," he revealed.
    50 Cent commented recently on 106 & Park that no one in the South was as big as he was. Bun B didn't take that personal, saying "I know 50 Cent very well… and he is gonna say whatever he needs to say and do whatever he needs to do to make sure attention is paid to 50 Cent," Bun said. "It's only smart business. He's going to say things that's gonna ruffle people's feathers. I don't take it personally at all. Not one word of it."