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Ushers Million Dollar Stolen Items & Values

Posted By on January 13, 2010

    A list of the items stolen from Usher back in December has now hit the net. With a total of over $1 million dollars in value, the list is broken down by item and price. Jewelry bag containing five watches, three necklaces, two rings and six bracelets ($1 million). Assorted clothing and furs ($50,000), Bottega Veneta Duffle Bag ($4,000), Mac Powerbooks ($3,000, $2,000), Louis Vuitton Garment bag ($3,000), Louis Vuitton laptop bag ($2,000), Sony Powershot camera ($400), Sony Powershot camera ($300), Two Flipcam video cameras ($500 a piece), giving the total value of stolen items to $1.065 million.

    As we previously reported, Usher was reportedly robbed in Atlanta. The crime took place a few weeks ago in Atlanta when Usher and
a friend were at the AT&T store. Someone reportedly broke into his
GMC Yukon and took whatever they could find which included tons of
Christmas gifts and personal belongings including $50,000 in furs, a
computer and more than a million dollars in jewelry that he had in the
car at the time. [Usher – Robbed For Over A Million Dollars – Watch Here]

Usher – Gets Robbed For Over A Million Dollars