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Usher To Replace Current Manager With His Mother

Posted By on July 7, 2008

    As everyone knows, Usher and his mother are very close. During Ushers MTV "Cribs" episode you could see the room she has at his house, and Usher even says she decorated it all. The New York Daily News is reporting that Usher will be replacing his current manager, Benny Medina, with his mom, Jonetta Patton. Although his recent album, Here I Stand, deubted at number one selling over 433,000 copies the first week, Usher is pissed at the totals. "Usher was livid,” an insider told Daily News. “He threatened to fire everyone.” His current but soon to be ex-manager, was at the head when Ushers last album Confessions sold over 1.1 million copies it's first week.

    Ushers current manager told Usher that his sales were due to the recent sales slump in music, but Lil Wayne recently sold over a million copies in his first week. “People have been telling Usher to listen to his mother,” another source told Daily News. “Nobody knows how to sell him better than she does. Usher can be stubborn. But he may be ready.”