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Usher To Kick Off Ladies Only Tour, Prepares For 2nd Child

Posted By on September 9, 2008

    Usher is going to be a daddy, again. After having his first child in November, Usher told People Magazine "I'm so proud to be a father by the time I'm 30," continuing, "I'd hate to be 80 years old and not be able to run with my kids. I need to still be able to do flips when they're in high school!"

    In related news, Usher recently announced that he will kick off a ladies-only tour called One Night Stand later this year. Although Usher is now married and working on his second child, Usher hops this tour will help revamp his sex-appeal saying "The ladies like to see that masculine build," he said. "They question if I still got it. There's only a few artists that can pull that off," he added.