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Usher Enlists Lil Wayne & Beyonce For ‘Love In This Club’ Remix

Posted By on May 27, 2008

    Usher isn't holding back to make his new album, Here I Stand, a feature packed hit list. The album features collabs with Jay-Z, Beyonce, will.I.am and Young Jeezy but Usher plans even more for the remix of his single. "The remix to 'Love in This Club' features the Queen and … one of the illest," Usher said. Who was Usher talking about? Lil Wayne.

    "Wayne, pound for pound, is one of the illest in the game, and I wanted it to be something that would be a surprise, be a shock. Have shock value. That's what the remix is all about. 'Damn, did you hear the remix? It's crazier than the original. I like it more.' I just think it's great. Plies actually did a verse on it as well. He came with it. Everybody basically did their thing, and I am very happy that I was able to put that one in." Usher's album is in stores today!