Dj Khaled ft Kanye West, Rick Ross – I Wish You Would / Cold

Dj Khaled ft Kanye West, Rick Ross – I Wish You Would / Cold

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  • FckOfficerRicky

    Damnn that fat muthafcka gets worse every time i see his ugly azz, most overrated rapper of all time!! He spits some wack rhymes, has no rap voice, sounds like he is just talking…W A C K as hell, Kanye and all them other dudes should stop working with this clown.. G G G G G – Unit

    • Dirtysouth#1

      Dam u azz I ain’t heard that n sum years 50 and his whole unit is garbage! And overrated???? 50 has been spitting candy shop trash since his first album in which em and dre put their touch on. Ross has been the most consistent in the game PERIOD!!!!! Look at his team ….. It’s not yayo n banks those are clowns. Now disrespect the # 1 mc in the game again I WISH U WOULD NI$$A!!!!!!!

    • alexx.1234

      dj khaled is damn annoying.

  • Jojo

    Rick Ross is garbage huuuuh. Huuuuh huuuuh fuck off u fat pos

  • word …

  • holla

  • Redneck

    Mase wouldnt have to hate, this song sounds like shit… another fail by kanye… aka kim k.

  • Redneck

    No respect, why would ya’ll take classics to the butcher like that?

  • chiffwak d empire

    love dj khaled man

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