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Bobby Shmurda on Going From Selling Crack to Big Fame

Posted By on August 13, 2014

Bobby Shmurda sat down with Jenny Boom Boom to speak about becoming famous really quickly. The Brooklyn rapper admits that while it was a fast, he believes that it’s about time for him to be paid for his talents instead of just performing on the block for free. Jenny also asks him about the Shmoney dance and how it’s been compared to Bobby doing the TLC Waterfalls dance with a broken leg. The “Hot N***a” rapper laughs off the comparison and shows Jenny the difference in the Shmurda and the Shmoney dance with a impromptu lesson. After the dance, the conversation moves on to Bobby selling crack in the fifth grade, which he raps about in his track “Hot N***a.” The Brooklyn emcee explains that he ran with an older crowd at the time, but says he’s a lot different now than the person he was in the streets. The biggest difference is how he views money, with Bobby revealing that he once dropped $3,600 on sneakers, which he claims would never happen now.