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Maino & Trinidad James Exchange Heated Words Over The Phone

Posted By on November 20, 2013

Maino and Trinidad Jame$ had a rather heated conversation during a private phone call. The pair discussed Trinidad’s comments he made recently that he believes the South is in control of New York Hip-Hop. He went on to air out New York radio hosts, and later spoke on any potential conflict with Maino where Jame$ basically stated “if you’re going to shoot me, then shoot me,” during a radio interview. In the audio from their conversation, Maino can be heard going off on Trinidad about the entire situation and how he feels Trinidad need to “apologize to my city” and “respect my city.” Jame$ tried his best to explain his comments and how the media spun them out of control but Maino was speaking so passionately about the subject matter that Trinidad didn’t get much time to talk.