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Pharrell Explains How “Happy” Happened, Meeting Oprah & Working With Teddy Riley, & Tribe

Posted By on April 29, 2014

Pharrell stopped by Sway in the Morning today and brought his good vibes with him. He opened up about the Happy record and how it happened. “I wrote that song because it was a positive part in the [Despicable] movie.” Skateboard P tells Sway. He elaborates in saying it took 9 times to get the song right — then it hit radio and exploded in a positive way. “Why me, and why now. I knew that [the success of Happy] was none of my doing.” Praising God while in-studio.He goes on to speak on meeting Oprah for his one-on-one interview with her, saying that she is has an “incredible force.”Pharrell also mentions being diverse in his music. From working with Brittany Spears — being introduced to her from her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake — to Teddy Riley and SWV.”I’m inspired by what doesn’t exist. If it does exist, it needs to be flipped or in another color.