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Young Dolph: Southern Rappers Made Lean Popular

Posted By on August 15, 2014

South Memphis rapper Young Dolph sat down with VladTV to share his opinion on the origins of the “Migos flow,” and how lean became so popular over the last few years.When asked about 2 Chainz’s claim that Three 6 Mafia started the choppy “Migos flow,” Dolph neither agrees nor disagrees, but says that there are only so many flows out there and some rappers will inevitably sound a like.When asked about pics of him sipping lean on Instagram, Dolph admits that it isn’t good to promote the use of sizzurp, as kids see it and want to give it a try. He also shares his view on the sudden rise in popularity of lean, as the mixture has been out for years but has had a strong resurgence within Hip-Hop as of late. Dolph says the fact that the South has so many eyes on it right now is what’s responsible for the increase in the substance’s popularity.Check out the interview above.