Update: 6 Men Arrested In Waka Flocka Shooting

Update: 6 Men Arrested In Waka Flocka Shooting

     After reports that four suspects avoided arrest following a high-speed chase (and later escaping on foot), news broke today that six men have been arrested and are being held on $200,000 bond in relation to the Waka Flocka tour-bus shooting. The six men, including one who was shot and claimed to be an innocent bystander, were charged with two counts of felony shooting, conspiracy to commit robbery and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

     Antonio Stukes, who was shot by Waka Flocka's security, was among the six men arrested. Stukes has claimed he simply was at the wrong place during the wrong time says not only was he an innocent bystander, but he expected Waka Flocka's team to be the ones arrested. “It’s pretty shocking to me,” Stukes’ attorney, Adam Seifer, told Charlotte’s NBC affiliate WCNC. “I was not expecting this. I was expecting someone in the entourage to be arrested. My client ended up getting shot and having to go to the hospital, and in the end he ends up getting arrested. I’m absolutely shocked.”

6 People Arrested In Connection With Waka Flocka's



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