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Waka Flocka Says Comparisons Are Disrespectful

Posted By on August 11, 2011

     Atlanta's own Waka Flocka Flame recently spoke about the comparisons between himself and Gucci Mane to Jay-Z and Kanye West, as both groups have albums coming out. Waka Flocka says the pairings are uneven.

"Trying to compare us to Jay-Z [and Kanye] is like comparing [NBA player] Dirk Nowitzki to Larry Bird — that's disrespectful…That's like two different classes… I been rappin' for three years, those folks got 15 years — I'm happy that my name comes in the conversation — even behind Gucc. At the end of the day it's all respect; I'm a fan of music." (Rapfix)

Gucci Mane ft Waka Flocka – Pac Man

  • myownman86

    Where did the new put all my attention into WOP. Cum about. Sick of you ol partners wanna talk down on a nigga now dat y’all dont rock no more. Pump back up like WOP with ur music not songs and numerous videos about your former boss