Suge Knight Oversees Waka Flocka’s Career

Suge Knight Oversees Waka Flocka’s Career

     Waka Flocka Flame recently confirmed (kind of) rumors that claimed he had officially signed with former Death Row Records owner Suge Knight. According to Waka Flocka, Suge is giving him a lot of career advice.

"It's valid. It ain't no rumors. It's what it is," Waka said about working with the Death Row Records co-founder. "You gotta really start pulling in people in the game who know the game. Suge is not the only one. I'mma start snatching in the real ones. Suge helped me get a good movie deal. Now I need to get on the TV screen. Ain't nothing wrong with f*ckin' with some Gs. I f*ck with Master P too. They're just good for information homie. He's helping me oversee the company. I'm not trying to be 'Pac, I'm not trying to be Death Row. I'm Brick Squad Monopoly. My mother is still my manager. I ain't changing sh*t. It is what it is. But its like having [Michael] Jordan and Kobe [Bryant]. Why not play with both?" (XXL Mag)


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