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Waka Flocka Talks Nicki Minaj’s Sex Appeal

Posted By on December 16, 2010

     Rappper Waka Flocka Flame recently spoke about his past relationship details with new Young Money star, Nicki Minaj (when she was managed by his mother, Debra Antney). Despite her massive sex appeal, Waka Flocka Flame says that Nicki Minaj's goals kept her from getting into intimate relationships.

"She probably learned some sh*t off me and I learned a lot off her," Waka explained in an interview. "We've been around. That's what got her blown up–she can connect to her fans…Everybody was trying to f*ck her. Everybody. Nicki wouldn't mess with anybody. I swear to God, she came here focused. Came all the way here focused. She was smashing tracks. Every track she on, she had the hardest verse." (RESPECT)

     Waka Flocka went on to talk about how his relationship with Nicki Minaj is way beyond music.

"I'm not gonna lie, she was always with Young Money, though. She was with our squad, but she love her team. That's why I f*ck with her, because she'll never bite the hand that feeds her. She recognizes who helped her, and Shorty worked. We were stupid, stupid close. Everything, we would always be together, coming over for watching TV. We'd eat Hot Pockets and sh*t, Nicki's like [makes weird noise]. She's just funny as f*ck. She cool, though, a relaxed person, a chill person. She's always on the Internet. She channeled me into f*ckin' with the fans." (RESPECT)


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    Where did the new put all my attention into WOP. Cum about. Sick of you ol partners wanna talk down on a nigga now dat y’all dont rock no more. Pump back up like WOP with ur music not songs and numerous videos about your former boss