Wale Almost Signed With Jay-Z & Def Jam

Wale Almost Signed With Jay-Z & Def Jam

     Freshman rapper Wale recently appeared on the Mo' Nique Show where he talked about everything, including touring with Jay-Z and how he says he almost signed with Jigga, when HOV was president of Def Jam Records. The Washington D.C. rapper told Mo' Nique earlier this week that he was almost a Def Jam artist back in 2005.

     "Jay's my man, like, I met Jay-Z three years ago when he was at Def Jam," Wale explained. "I almost had a situation there but he left. He kept me under the wing and I get to go a lot of places that I probably couldn't afford and eat things I can't pronounce and stuff like that. But touring with Jay, like being the opening act in arenas and it's only 20 percent full, we may or may not have a dressing room, it's good. It's like bieng a freshman on a football team. And I pay my dues, and I think a lot of times artists feel like you're supposed to give it to them."

Wale – Says He Almost Signed With Def Jam When Jay-Z Was President


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