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Wale Reveals That He is Working On The “Nothing” Project, Discussing New Album

Posted By on March 5, 2013

Wale recently took some time to reveal some details on his upcoming projects for the remainder of 2013. The D.C. Rapper recently sit down for an interview at Philadelphia’s Power 99 to chat it up a little bit. During the interview the rapper discussed his upcoming projects, the changing of his style to produce a more soulful sound for his upcoming album, and more. He also revealed the details of an upcoming collaborative project with rapper Meek Mill. He wanted to insure that everyone new that the project was still in the works.

“I’m dropping my third solo album first, then a couple months after I’ll probably drop the Nothing project,” he said. “I’m very creative, I’m knee deep in that joint. It’s kind of like a persona; thing; I design my records and the sound a certain way for two different projects.”

If everything goes as planned, the Meek Mill collaboration will follow the upcoming LP release.

When discussing the upcoming album, Wale revealed that he wanted this project to a have a very unique and soulful sound to it, so he worked on changing his style for the project. He also expressed that in his opinion, he has not become any more commercial in than he was when he released his debut album.

“I don’t think I ever really changed,” Wale said. “My first album was ‘as commercial’ if not more so than the second one.”