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Wale Talks Leaving Interscope For Rick Ross (Audio)

Posted By on March 22, 2011

     Wale recently spoke with the Big Tigger Morning Show about everything from "waking up alone, skin complexion issues, and gives the scoop on issues with his previous label." Wale did get into some details about his past situation with Interscope Records..

“There was only one song funded, and [‘Chillin’] was the “song that they picked,” Wale explained to WPGC 95.5’s Free. “Chillin’ didn’t sound nothing like that at first. They did the record industry stuff, saying, ‘Oh we really love the record. This should be your first single. Just change this, this and this.’ It actually got changed the day it was mastered.” (WPGC)

     After only having 20,000 copies of his debut album shipped, Wale had enough in his mind to leave Interscope. After some long talks with Rick Ross, Wale said he felt good signing with Maybach Music Group. Wale spoke about his past issues with KiD CuDi

“We’re close friends, and the closer friends you are with somebody the worse the fights [can] be,” Wale added. “His circle is significantly smaller, but sometimes that’s what you need to do—reevaluate your circle.”

Wale – Talks Leaving Interscope To Sign With Rick Ross



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