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Wale Lashes Out At Complex After Not Making ’50 Best Albums of 2013′ List

Posted By on December 13, 2013

MMG rapper Wale did not make Complex’s “50 Best Albums of 2013” list, a list compiled from countless staff writers  an editors at the company. When Wale found out, lets just say, he was less than amused. The rapper decided to call up COmplex and let him know how he felt:

“Do you think y’all being a responsible publication by continuously to fuckin’ like…do all that petty shit?” Wale says in a phone recording of the conversation. “At this point, you know it’s got to be personal. You tellin’ me it’s not personal is like a bold face lie. To be omitted from every type of list that y’all do or be at the bottom of it or every type of way that y’all can omit me, y’all will.” Complex

As the conversation went on, Wale’s temper seem to get increasingly hyped:


“You mean to tell me Juicy J’s album [Stay Trippy] is better than mine?”Wale says.

“Fuck you, dog,” he says. “You know it’s disrespect. I swear to God I’ll come to that office and start knocking niggas the fuck out. Y’all wanna see some ghetto ignorant shit? That’s what y’all promote. That’s the only thing y’all promote from niggas.” (Complex)


Listen to the full phone conversation below: