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Wale Explains Why He Lashed Out At Complex; Apologizes To Juicy J

Posted By on December 16, 2013

Last week, MMG rapper Wale had a few choice words for Complex, who left his name off of their “Best Albums Of 2013” list. Wale recently stopped by Hot97 to explain the situation and why he handled it like he did.

“I’m a bit of conspiracy theorist a little bit,” Wale said. “So, I believe that me and [Kid Cudi’s] fallout had something to do with a lack of support [from Complex].

“Me and Cudi was real cool,” he continued. “I used to live in SoHo and Cudi used to live right up there. We used to do a whole lot of stuff together. We performed when we were nobodies for the Michael Jordan Classic game, and I remember he was like, ‘Yo, I don’t wear Jordans. All I wear is Bapes,’ and we just bonded from that moment on.”


Wale went on to explain why he thinks a previous beef with Kid Cudi was at the root of the problem:

 “You guys are claiming to be this man’s boy. I know he’s in a certain space right now and it’s almost like they were perpetuating some type of war. At this time, I’m just losing my first record deal, so I’m in an even worse place. I just remember [Complex saying], ‘Oh we don’t rock with you musically,’ and it went viral. And I remember being like, ‘Damn, you’re getting my friend to kick me when I’m down. Y’all are perpetuating it. Y’all are instigating it.’ It hurt on so many levels, mainly because it was someone that I considered a close friend. I just feel like that magazine, which he has five or six covers from, is perpetuating this and making it a thing—more than what it could be. Moving forward, they just kind of had this elitist, like, ‘We don’t like you,’ thing.”


Watch the full interview below to see Wale discuss Jay-Z’s phone call to him after his rant was released , and his thoughts on the infamous “Control” verse: