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Warren G Talks Nate Dogg’s Cut-Short Comeback

Posted By on May 17, 2011

     Warren G continues to speak about the recent passing of West-Coast legend, and long-time friend, Nate Dogg. Warren G says Nate Dogg would have made a music comeback, despite his health issues.

"Luther Vandross did it and he had two strokes – maybe three – and he was able to do it," Warren reasoned in an interview. "I know that Nate would've gotten back on the mic. He was a strong cat. He was gearing more towards gospel. That's what he was going more towards when he had the stroke. He has a choir that he put together." (All Hip Hop)

     In related news, Warren G recently released "This Is Dedicated To You," a tribute song for his lost friend, Nate Dogg. [Listen to it below]

"It's a record just to let everybody know how I felt and what I was going through during the time he was in the home and having therapy, because everybody would ask what was up with Nate," says Warren G. "I didn't want to tell them [too much] just for the sake of his family and his privacy. I couldn't tell them the situation, but he was progressing, so I'd always say that he was progressing and we hoped to get him back up on his feet soon. So I did the record just to let everybody know what was going on with my homeboy." (RapFix)


Warren G – This Is Dedicated To You