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Warren G

Warren G Talks Nate Dogg’s Health

Posted By on August 21, 2009

    Warren G recently talked about his friend and fellow 213 group memeber Nate Dogg's health. Nate Dogg, who suffered multiple strokes last year, was left partially paralyzed. Although his most recent stroke happened way back last fall, Warren G says that Nate Dogg is still not fully recovered.

    "He's in recovery," G revealed in an interview. "It's kinda slow recovery right now, but he getting better. I've seen him and just praying and hoping that he recover faster so we can do this good music…He's on The G Files. It's a record we did back in the day. Not back, back in the day, but a couple years ago. Me and him had recorded a whole bunch of songs. I got a lot of 'em. Actually we recorded [some of them shortly] before he had the [first] stroke. We recorded about at least six — maybe eight records, where he just did like hooks and stuff…I'm saving a lot of that stuff for when he recovers too."  

    In related news, recently we debuted not one but two new songs from Warren G. "100 Miles & Runnin" [listen here] actually features Nate Dogg and Wu-Tang's Raekwon while "Swagger Rich" [listen here] features non other than Snoop Dogg.