Willow Smith Takes A Shot At Chris Brown (Video)

Willow Smith Takes A Shot At Chris Brown (Video)

     New Roc Nation artist, 10 year-old Willow Smith recently spoke about R&B singer Chris Brown and his recently outburst slash fit this week on the "Good Morning America" television show.

While her info is a little misguided, 9 year-old Willow Smith still voiced her opinion on Chris Brown. "So Chris Brown is going to prison now breaking a window at ABC, but he didnt go for hurting Rihanna? #karma," the pint-sized pop star just moments ago, along with a link that incorrectly informs people that Chris will be headed to jail over the outburst. He in fact did not violate probation because GMA is not seeking to press charges. Feels like Willow forgot to log out of her twitter, and someone else voiced their open on her page. Very out of the ordinary. (Karen Civil)


Chris Brown – Speaks About The "Good Morning America" Incident



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