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Wiz Khalifa Finishes Up Debut Album

Posted By on February 15, 2011

     New up-and-coming rapper Wiz Khalifa recently announced that his long-awaited debut album, "Rolling Papers," is basically done and should be turned into his record label soon. Wiz Khalifa even hinted about a few touches he is putting on the album.

"The album is totally finished," Wiz revealed in an interview. "We're putting, like, the last little bit of touches on it, and we're turning it in [this] week…We got a couple of surprises along the way to keep people interested. But really, other than that, the album is done. We're really excited. Everyone is excited. [Warner Music Group executive] Lyor [Cohen] came through to a session. I got so much support from the single and going into the album. So when we do drop it, I think we'll get that response that everyone was expecting." (MTV)

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