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Wiz Khalifa Talks New Album Cover (Art)

Posted By on February 28, 2011

      Wiz Khalifa, best known for his THC laced lyrics, discussed the album artwork for his upcoming album “Rolling Papers”, which features the rappers image in a hazy green smoke, an ode to the rappers favorite pastime no doubt. While most record labels like to distance their artists images from drugs, Khalifa explains how Atlantic, and his fans, have embraced his style:

The guys over at Atlantic, you know, they went crazy,” Wiz said in an interview referring to his album cover. “They know me, they know my style. They know what my fans wanna see and they know that next level of creativity as well. So you know I wanted it to be…not all just my face right there in front and I wanted certain little elements…I got a huge fan base [that] is ready to hear this album from me. I got a lot of fans who just really wanna see what I’m gonna do musically and and I’ve been working a long time and building up to this point.” (BET)


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