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Wiz Khalifa Talks Kanye West Dispute Rumors

Posted By on May 2, 2011

     Pittsburgh's own Wiz Khalifa recently spoke about the many rumors surrounding him and Kanye West having a confrontation at last months Coachella music festival in light of remarks about Kanye's ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

"I did my set and we hung around for a bit, but we weren't even there when fam was onstage," Wiz said referring to himself and Rose. "Somebody made that up. I think they just wanted it to be that type of situation or they wanted to see something go down. It's fun to talk about it and make jokes about, but in all reality, that didn't even exist." Wiz said he did hear Kanye's lyrics though. He thought it was a low moment, that many people who look up to West may have been turned off by his lyrical alteration. He harbors no ill will, however. "It is what it is, and I'm doing my business and she's doing her business and he's doing his business and that's what it is. I'm all about positivity and I'm going to keep it that way." (MTV)

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