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Amber Rose talks Kanye Diss, Wiz’s Weed Habits

Posted By on May 7, 2012

Former video vixen and more importantly former #1 girl to Kanye West, Amber Rose, recently talked about Kanye's latest comments. Ye's new comments come on his new song "Way Too Cold (Theraflu)" which talked on Amber Rose and her new fiance Wiz Khalifa. Although she did not really like the song or understand why Kanye would be talking bout her still she doesnt think there is any ill feelings still after the song. 

"What did I think about the song," Amber asked hersef, "Umm, I don't know. I don't really know Kanye as a person anymore. I just don't know him, um, anymore. It's been almost two years so at first I didn't understand, I was like, 'What is he trying to say,' but I think, I took it as a positive at the end and um, I feel like it's cool. He respects Wiz as he should and I respect his decisions. I think people fail to realize that Kanye's just my ex-boyfriend. We weren't married, we don't have children together, we both moved on with our lives and you know, it seems like we're both really happy." (The LIFE Files)

Wiz Khalifa last week on Funk Flex's Hot 97 show addressed Kanye's name drops.

During an interview with renowned Funkmaster Flex on New York City's Hot 97 radio dial Monday night (April 23), the Pittsburgh MC said he was very surprised to hear Kanye drop his name on the record. "Shocked?" Flex asked him. "Yes!" Wiz responded. "Why was it so shocking to you?" Flex shot back. "Because he said my name," Wiz answered. "I've gone a long time without anybody actually saying my name out loud like that. It wasn't a bad thing. It was just the fact that it was my name. That's my name. it was wild, it was wild, but nothing negative. Everybody got positive from it, so it's positive." (XXL Mag)

Amber Rose has also recently talked about what she thinks of Wiz's weed habits.

"[Weed smoking?] She's like, 'Get it away.' She doesn't hate it, but she will not do it. She'll roll it, she loves how it smells… She just doesn't want to get high 'cause she don't want to feel that." (Hot 97)