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Wiz Khalifa Being Investigated For Jail Selfie

Posted By on May 28, 2014

We recently reported about Taylor Gang head Wiz Khalifa getting arrested for possession of marijuana. The rapper posted a jail selfie while behind bars and his decision has reportedly caught law enforcements attention and they have started an investigation.

According to reports, Texas police have started investigating how Khalifa pulled off getting the picture while being locked up.

 “El Paso cops are investigating a breach in jailhouse security … they want to know how in the world Wiz Khalifa managed to sneak a selfie while he was in lockup. Now we’re told police brass have launched an investigation because inmates are NOT allowed to take pics in the jail with their phones. Cops want to know if Khalifa was left unsupervised or if one of the jailers was a star f-er and facilitated the pic.” (TMZ)

Check out the jail selfies Wiz took while being locked up HERE.