Wiz Khalifa Announces Newest Taylor Gang Signing

Wiz Khalifa Announces Newest Taylor Gang Signing

Taylor Gang General Wiz Khalifa made it official today, announcing the signing of Ty Dollar $ign to his label.

In a new video, Wiz made the signing official:

Look here, man, I’m not even going to hold you people anymore,” Wiz said in an video. “This dude right here makes amazing music, I’m a huge fan, been a huge fan, so it’s only right that Ty Dollar $ign joins Taylor Gang, you know what I mean? It is what it is, he smokes a ton of pot, too. So we’re going to pass the jar, it’s a little thing we like to do over at Taylor Gang, just a small token of our appreciation for coming over here. And congratulations on a dope a** mixtape. Beach House 2, make sure you guys go and get that right now. I’m passing the jar, bruh. Smoke that.” (Civil TV)

Check out the full video below:



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