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Reason For Wiz Khalifa Receiving Arrest Warrant Revealed

Posted By on August 8, 2014

We recently reported about rapper Wiz Khalifa receiving an arrest warrant for missing his court date in Texas. Now Khalifa’s attorney has come forward to reveal why his client missed his court date.

According to Wiz’s lawyer, they never received any notice for him to appear in court.

“Rapper Wiz Khalifa is wanted in El Paso – and not for his music. But his new attorney says it’s all a big mistake. Yesterday, Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Thomaz, failed to appear in El Paso County court for an arraignment stemming from a May 25th arrest at the El Paso International Airport for possession of marijuana. Thomaz’ El Paso attorney, Thomas Carter IV, says his client never received a notice to appear, so he’s filed a motion to recall the arrest warrant for Thomaz.” (KETK NBC)

Wiz was arrested back in May for trying to bring marijuana on an airplane in Texas and the rapper never showed up to his court hearing, which caused the judge to issue the warrant.

“Khalifa — who was arrested in May for trying to sneak weed onto a plane at the El Paso Airport — failed to appear in court Wednesday, so the judge issued an arrest warrant.” (TMZ)